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The github site plugin let you upload Maven Site to Github Pages. By pushing the site generated by Maven to your Git repository, it allows you to always have an up to date configuration benefiting from the git traceability.

The plugin commits files generated and updates a specific branch reference in a GitHub repository. This plugin can be used to deploy a Maven site to a gh-pages branch so that it can be served statically as a GitHub Project Page.

The plugin has a site goal and is configured with a goal prefix of `ghSite. To use the plugin, read the quickstart guide.

The plugin is built on top of API v3 through the GitHub Java library.

Released builds are available from Maven Central.

Maven Site

Maven Site let you manage project documentation close to the code. It can also generate reports about your project such as dependencies, test results, license and so on. To generate your site check the maven-site-plugin and the site generation chapter from the Maven Reference Guide.

Github Page

Github page is a very simple, but powerful, way to publish simple web site using Git. It’s free and available to all Github repositories. Check the Github page site for more information.