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Configuring the project, repository and branch

To publish the site, the plugin must be able to deduced the Github project on which the site is uploaded. There are several ways to instructs the plugin with this information:

  • using the project’s url
  • from the project’s SCM settings
  • from the plugin configuration

Using the project’s url

This is probably the simplest way. In your pom.xml file, set the project’s <url> to the Github project page:


Of course, this settings can be inherited.

Using the project’s SCM

The project’s SCM indicates the source repository hosting your project. The plugin tries to deduce the repository from the url, connection and developerConnection (in this order).


As for the project’s url, these settings can be inherited.

Using plugin configuration

The project’s repository is identified by repository’s owner and name. You can configure these settings directly in the plugin configuration:

    <!-- Deploy the web site -->
            <!-- select the Maven phase in which the plugin will be executed -->
                <!-- repository identification -->


                <!-- The commit message -->
                <message>Building site for my project</message>
                <!-- The location where the site is uploaded -->
                <!-- Use merge or override the content -->

Configuring the branch

You can change the branch on which the site is pushed. By default, it uses gh-pages, the branch use by Github to generate the Github Page. Configure the branch parameter of the plugin to change the branch to update.